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September 01,2017

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Hurricane Harvey and the PH Community

Hurricane Harvey Unmet Needs Patient Impact Fund

Team PH is launching our Unmet Needs Patient Impact Fund program to assist those with pulmonary hypertension in the communities affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Funds are to be dispersed immediately upon grant approval.

Help us help PH patients affected by Hurricane Harvey. Donate to replenish this fund today.


Apply for Relief Now

In need? Apply for immediate consideration. All applications will be reviewed within 24 hours and determination provided immediately thereafter. Approved applicants will receive up to $500 in emergency support money either via PayPal or US Mail, whichever is faster for that patient.

Click here to apply or visit:

I only have two days of medicine left as of Monday night. This will help me so much!

Not In Need? You Can Still Help

Should you donate to support this fund?

Yes! On Friday, August 25th, Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast and, in just a few days, nearly
52 inches of rainfall displaced more than 30,000 people from their homes. Among those people are members of our PH community, our PHamily.

As the waters recede, thousands of members of the PH community will return to their homes. Upon returning, they will face needs we cannot even comprehend. They may not have working air conditioning in the sweltering heat. Their car may be flooded and they cannot get to a clinic. They may be out of oxygen or isolated from other important, life sustaining items specific to their needs as a consequence of the flood.

We’ve been displaced and my portable O2 needs repaired!

There are needs that we cannot fathom because none of us have experienced the magnitude of this 1,000-year historic flood event.

Our efforts today can help those in our Texas PHamily who have immediate need. Your support will help us reach further than we can on our own. We need you!

Interested in providing corporate support through this outreach effort? Email today:

We have damage that needs to be repaired in our house and patio. No flood insurance!

Terms of Grants

Terms: We will offer financial assistance for non-medication needs that may not be covered through traditional means (such as health insurance). Such needs would include, but not be limited to, money for rides to a PH clinic or hospital if a patient’s car has been damaged, funds to help repair equipment such as a portable oxygen concentrator, or funds to help with an element affected by Harvey that negatively impacts a patient’s life. This grant is meant exclusively for those in the pulmonary hypertension community.

We have $10,000 in funds available for this now, and are reaching out to our partners to build more funds to help patients in the aftermath.

UPDATE: We have a combined total of $20,000 $25,000 $28,000 available to assist those in the FEMA Designated Disaster area.

PHAware® has partnered with us during this urgent time and matched our initial $10,000 effort with $10,000 of their own funds. Thanks to our friends at!

Our friends at Blue Lips Foundation have committed $2,500 $5,000 to assist those in need, as well! Thank you, Blue Lips Foundation!

Finally, our friends at Reata Pharmaceuticals have donated $2,000 to this effort!

And we’ve received numerous and generous donations from people just like you.

Have been under mandatory evacuation from my home for 5 days, my oxygen concentrator stopped working last night… and my car broke down!

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Reata Pharmaceuticals
We ask you to join us in this effort by donating funds to help victims of Harvey. Together we may help save lives as we take care of our PHamily in Texas. All funds donated to this effort will go to the Patient Impact fund and to PH patients.

Please Spread the Word

Please share this in your PH support groups so we can reach as many PH patients as possible.

Thank you,

Team PHenomenal Hope

Hurricane Harvey Unmet Needs Impact Fund partners

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