Kristen Engle

Kristen Engle

General and Trauma Surgeon


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What is your connection to Pulmonary Hypertension?

I met Patty at the Square Cafe, shortly after moving to Pittsburgh. I noticed she had a cyclist’s tan and a huge bruise on her left thigh. I introduced myself, thinking she was a mountain biker. It was just a few days after she had a serious crash on her road bike. I had an e-bike with me. She tried it out. We began to brainstorm … friends ever since. When she told me about The Pioneer, I invited myself. Her energy is very contagious and magnetic!

I’ve always been an athlete. For me it was just part of growing up. Now, riding for the Team, training and competing, is no longer automatic. I like the, “what’s next?, what can we do?, when can we do it,? re-group, make a plan, set a goal, further the cause!” When there are two roads, I generally choose the steepest. Same going down.